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Lomme conceives, develops, designs and manufactures products that are natural, life enhancing and mind developing for a cleaner, healthier, happier existence.
Lomme creates an environment which incorporates different elements: light, colour, sound, touch; through which one can expand their senses and develop mind and brain functions. Creates an atmosphere to relax and to get a better understanding of oneself

Lomme is a unique sleep experience and rejuvenation environment. It is a piece of furniture, a work of art and a place to rejuvenate. In its sophisticated simplicity it evokes feelings of unity and enables the soul to access the source of its power.

Lomme is generating a wave of interest about the importance of quality sleep and the environment in which we spend a third of our lives. The founders of the company Esther Bernacka and Edward Fitzpatrick have made it their mission to create the most relaxing, protected and natural place to restore energy levels for the day to come. Created as a result of two years research into sleep, Lomme skillfully combines natural therapies with the cutting edge technology. Lomme offers an environment to enhance all the senses - forming a place to rejuvenate, meditate and above all sleep.

Redefining bed design forever, the Lomme is a unique synthesis of nature, art and technology. The streamlined curves and organic shapes make a design statement in any bedroom or sleeping space while the in-built technology creates the perfect environment in which to dream. Forming a protective oval form, LOMME limits external noise to distance you from the outside world.

Colour therapy can affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. The light system within Lomme allows the user to choose the strength and colour of the internal light with a colour wheel. This light colour therapy is known to enhance the body’s energy centres and can even stimulate the healing process.

Special sound system has been invisibly installed to enable the sleeper to listen to relaxing music, sounds and guided meditations. There are few sound options to choose from, ranging from high quality to the most professional one created especially for Lomme by world wide sound expert Tomasz Rogula from Zeta Zero.

It has been life long dream of the head designer Esther Bernacka to create a place, where one can feel protected and safe, place to think and dream. Somewhere where the mind is quiet, and we can see the perfection of the universe and be happy. Place of beauty and magic.

Lomme offers high quality spring mattress which on one side is soft and covered with memory foam, which forms to the shape of the body. And on the other side is firm to give the body stronger support. In addition there is a an option with adjustable mattress made from memory foam and an outdoor mattress.

Our future dreams are fast becoming a reality with the complimentary range of products coming very soon.

Customize the colour of LOMME by simply touching the colour wheel.
- remote controller lets you select operating modes and custom colours
- touch sensitive colour wheel allows real-time custom control of colours
- seven colour change mode
- increases or decreases the speed of dynamic modes
- increases or decreases the brightness when in static modes

LOMME lighting gives you the ability to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, especially when used as variable accent lighting.
You create the colour you want!

Deep, crystal clear HiFi sound at any volume.
Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to match the speakers and acoustic architecture.
Tweeter that creates a crisp and accurate high frequency response.
The mid-woofer ensures the faithful reproduction of mid- range frequencies crucial for accurate playback of vocals and instruments, as well as delivery of deep, rich bass. With internet connection access to over 100,000 free radio stations.
Sonos works with the most popular online music services. Control your music with your smartphone, tablet and more.

- 2 Speakers
- 4 Speakers
- 4 Speakers and Subwoofer

Designed exclusively for Lomme bed
One of the finest sound solutions in 21st century.
Zeta Zero speakers utilise, powerful ultra wide band ribbon driver technology. This guarantees consistent sound qualities.
The high performance ribbon driver is constructed using nanotechnologies and the most advanced materials which up till now usually only found in military applications. For more info on Zeta Sounds visit: http://zetazero.eu

If you are interested in purchasing Lomme, please do not hesitate to contact us at BOUF to discuss your requirements.

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