30% off a Brand for Glamorous Cooks

Amongst steaming pots we glimpse a beautiful woman. She looks very sexy. Why wrap her in something that hides her womanly attributes? She deserves something that protects her clothes yet displays the charm of her figure. Something that goes with high heels not slippers. Whilst chopping, his manly hand is sure, he uses the knife masterfully. He is sexy. Such a man should not wear an apron patterned with pears, kittens or flowers. Let him wear something which matches his skill with the knife... or cleaver. COOKie is a range of designer aprons enhancing femininity and masculinity in the kitchen. Inspired by kimonos and French maids wear, these beautiful designs offer variety to flatter everyone.

Elegant yet sexy will make you look and feel good in your efforts to prepare a meal. Handmade with a loving care these aprons are good enough to wear as a dress! Matching his and hers aprons are available.
– Monika, Designer

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