Flower Tree Wall Sticker

Flower Tree Wall Stickers

One of our best selling wall stickers and favorite tree wall decal!
This beautiful flower tree wall sticker is perfect for bringing some colour into your home. The tree comes with lots of separate flowers so you can place them wherever you like! You can also pick the individual colours of the flowers, co-ordinating it with your room’s decor. This sticker is great for living rooms, hallways, children’s rooms, bedrooms etc. Available at Bouf.com £39.99

3D Christmas Wall Stickers

3D Christmas wall stickers and wall decals are made of wood and acryl, which differentiates them from other existing graphic wall stickers. It adds solidity to the existing flat surface, and fashion to the existing texture. 3D wall stickers are easy to place on any surface and reusable, so you can use it again again and again! Apply your wall sticker, remove it after Christmas. Use it again next year…. and repeat.

3D Wall Sticker – Christmas Icon £70.43

3D Wall Sticker – Wood Typo Tree £105.25

3D Wall Sticker – Christmas Tree £111.39



Chalkboard Wall Stickers

You will never miss a thing with one of these innovative memo boards. Chalkboard Wall Stickers is a fun and innovative way to write reminders or leave messages.

Chalkboard Sticker

This chalkboard wall sticker by Nutmeg Wall Art Stickers can be used as a memo board in the kitchen, hall or study room to add a touch of shabby chic to your decor.
Also it could be a fun addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom, to help develop your child’s creativity, communication, language and literacy skills.

Blackboard Planner Wall Sticker

Use this Blackboard Planner wall sticker by Binary Box as a handy way to organise yourself and others at the home, office or classroom. Chalk sticks are included, along with a set of coloured circles and star stickers to help you keep track of all your activities. Our special blackboard wall vinyl allows you to write your memos with chalk, and then wipe them away – just write on and wipe off!

3D Wall Stickers

3D Wall Sticker - Modern Life

3D Wall Sticker - Manhattan City

3D wall sticker and wall decals are made of wood and acryl, which differentiates them from other existing graphic wall stickers. It adds solidity to the existing flat surface, and fashion to the existing texture. 3D wall stickers are reusable and easy to create different layouts and make sensuous look of space.

The 3D wall sticker designers at  Sangsanghoo clearly enjoyed this artistic exploration of interior decoration and ornament. Now you can refresh your house with  Sangsanghoo
3D wall decal stickers in various designs. With fancy design, it offers functionality and interior effects. Available at Bouf.com. 

MCR urban initiative wall stickers by Binary Box

Eat brains wall sticker by Dan Birbeck

Twiggy wall sticker by Irek Tankpetrol


MCR: Urban initiative is a new creative collaboration set up by The Binary Box with the aim to develop a range of innovative wall stickers while promoting local artists, creating large format bespoke pieces; develop events & exhibition spaces while collaborating on projects previously unavailable to them.

The Binary Box have just launched some great new street art wall stickers designed as part of the urban initiative scheme in Manchester. There are some really fantastic designs from a range or young British designers – nice work guys.

MCR urban initiative wall sticker collection is available at Bouf.com 

World map wall sticker

World map sticker

This world map world sticker is a perfect gift or purchase for well-travelled individual. Stick this collection of continents on the wall and start planing your travel adventures!

This wall sticker comes with various positionable dots to mark your journeys or to help you plan your future trips.  A great way to keep track of all the places you have visited and reminisce about unforgettable times.
Decorate any room – living room, office, children’s room or even your bedroom. The best bon voyage gift, decoration or diary for those who love to travel.

Available at Bouf.

Explore a world of wall stickers and vinyl decals

Why not to explore the beautiful world of wall decals or wall stickers! Wall stickers are also known as wall art, wall graphics, decals or wall tattoos. The great thing about them is that you can change the look of your room at any time by simply peeling them off.

The decorative wall design appeared for the first time in 2005, in the deco-publications.
Since then wall stickers became the most popular way to decorate home: easy to apply, easy to remove and low cost.

So to uncover the mystery of stickers world, this post is going to look at the main steps of wall sticker manufacturing process.

Firstly, the image is created and printed onto Vinyl using CMYK process printing or digital printing methods. The Vinyl decal is sealed and finished before going through a professional cut-plotter, which utilises scissor vectored visuals to guide the cutter.
 A plotter is a bit similar to a printer, with a cutter instead of printing heads.
 A plotter cuts out the adhesive vinyl wall sticker.

Images are usually produced using vectors files. Each file has to be concluded in a draw mode (using Illustrator), because it is the path used by the plotter for the cut.

Vector in a normal mode


Vector in a draw mode

As soon as the vinyl is cut, unused pieces are removed by hand. This process is called  “tree-pruning”.

Finally, application tape and backing paper are applied by hand to the sticker before the  finishing touches, and then packing and shipping straight to the customer.

At Bouf.com, we have invested in state-of-the-art printing and cutting technology to guarantee a superb quality wall sticker time and again. We can produce customer, personalised wall stickers according to your requirements and we only use the finest quality vinyl and adhesive, to ensure you can easily apply it to the wall, to guarantee it stays on the wall for 3-4 years, and it allows you to easily remove the wall sticker at any time should you wish to, without leaving any residue or damaging the wall.

Wall sticker


How to remove wall stickers video

As you all know wall decals and stickers can be removed from the surface. Removing wall stickers are not difficult, however you need to take special care – remain patient and take your time. Here is handy video to show how easily wall stickers could be removed.

Winter Trees Wall Stickers

Trees wall stickers

Bring a feel of nature to your home with trees wall stickers. If you are looking for a wall feature to make your environment more contemporary, why not to try beautifully atmospheric Winter trees wall sticker. One of our personal favourites. Beautifully atmospheric this creates a stunning feature wall. Available at Bouf for £84.99