Bringing The Heat – Fire Oil Lamps

Tabletop fire oil lamp

Introducing to you a bestseller – our stunning range of table top fire lamps!

These mini fireplaces are a firm favourite for creating that cosy vibe indoors, they’re also a beautiful talking point for elegant dinner parties and stylish house gatherings!

Keep reading below to find out more about these unique centerpieces and how they can work in your own home.


Bouf’s Top Picks

Fire Oil Lamp

Tabletop fireplace oil lamp

Our larger Fire Oil Lamp is one of our bestselling items on

With it’s circular glass barrier and stainless steel basin that is mounted at four spots, the fire appears detached, as if it’s free-floating.

It’s a truly stunning piece that looks great in any cosy living space, perfect for those quiet romantic evenings in! The flickering fire lights create a warm and homely vibe, perfect to just sit back, relax and while the hours away, or to create the perfect date night ambiance right in the comfort of your our own home.


Burn Oil Lamp

Tabletop fire lamp

Our slightly smaller Burn Oil Lamp will also turn your favourite space into a designer fireplace.

It can be filled with unscented lamp oil or better yet, 100% paraffin. Our Fire Oil Lamps can be used evening after evening making them a worthwhile addition to your home, or they make a perfect and unique housewarming gift for someone special!

Tabletop fireplace

Our Fire Oil Lamps arrive carefully packaged, all ready for you to setup your new stylish portable fireplace!

As always with, purchasing one of our Fire Oil Lamps supports our small business owners. What more do you need to feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

So now that we’ve got you all fired up the only burning question left is: which one will you pick?