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Wall Art Ideas To Make Your Home Unique

Choosing the right wall art stickers can make all the difference between giving your home the ‘wow’ factor or turning it into grannies front parlour, but first you must decide whether you want busy walls or a more minimalist effect. Urban dwelling often means that your view is other neighbouring properties, with little or no greenery to break up the mundaneness; so why not bring a touch of the countryside into your home with one of our many wall art ideas. Stunning floral prints or cute animals – some in glorious colour, others in a minimalist black and white – whichever you choose, your walls will suddenly come to life.

Canvas Wall Art

Another very popular choice is our framed canvas wall art, some of which gives a very humorous slant to the stately home type of wall hangings. Take a look at ‘Brother Stanwick’ or Cousin Parker’ to see if there are any family resemblances! There are some great canvas prints for kiddies rooms too, including the ‘Fairy Girl’ and the ‘Pirate’, all of which will give a lot of pleasure and brighten up any nursery. See also, our funky vinyl wall art, which will look amazing in any room. The ‘Snowflake’ shows a window through which a snowy landscape can be seen and the ‘Create Sunshine’ is a must to give that feel good factor.

Wall Art Stickers

If you really want to create that ‘wow’ factor as people walk into your room, then the ‘Tropical Beach With Coconut Palm’ wall sticker could well be for you and with a choice of frame colours, you can bring the Caribbean sunshine right into your home. If your taste leans more towards the retro, we have these too – such as the iconic Queens Guards standing on parade, or the large wall sticker of the red London Westminster bus. Cityscapes are also very popular, as are iconic landmark photos such as the ‘Statue of Liberty’ and the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’. Most of our wall art stickers are easily removed, allowing you to reposition them if required.