Frequently Asked Questions - Selling on

What kind of products are we looking for?

We love distinctive design that stands out. Especially design-led homeware, fashion accessories and gifts with a twist! is a curated marketplace, so do not be offended if your product or Seller application is denied – we are working hard to curate a vibrant collection that works as a whole, so this means sometimes we have to deny applications and product listings. But of course, that means, when we accept your products you’re in the best possible company!

What commission does charge to Sellers for each sale?

Every seller pays the same flat-rate commission, our Online Trader Terms & Conditions includes all of the necessary details regarding our Seller Commission fee. Please Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a Seller on

Is there an upfront fee to join as a Seller?

There is no upfront fee to join Once you’re approved by us, you will just pay our standard commission per sale.

How do transactions work?

As a seller through our marketplace, when an order is placed at, the Customer is buying goods from you, the Seller. We will send you an order confirmation email. Bouf enables the transaction between Buyer and you, the Seller. We process each customer’s payment in our secure online checkout. We also offer the Customer a single-point of contact, so they can speak to us about any questions they might have about your product, and to organise returns.

Who do I invoice when I receive an order?

When you receive an order, Bouf has already received payment in full from the Customer, and is holding the money on your behalf against your account. You should print the Receipt for each order in your account and include this with your order when you ship it.

What documents should I include with the parcel?

You should include a copy of the receipt within the parcel, which you can print from the Orders page of your Seller Account. If you are a UK Seller and the parcel is being shipped internationally, you should also attach this Customs declaration (form CN23) to the outside. To accelerate customs clearance, complete this declaration in English, French or in a language accepted in the destination country. The Customs in the country of destination need to know exactly what the contents are, so you must therefore complete your declaration fully and legibly to avoid it being delayed at Customs. It is your responsibility to enquire into import and export regulations and to find out what documents are required in the destination country.

How are’s fees collected?

Each month, Bouf will email you an invoice outlining all of your sales that month and any fees due on those sales. Your earnings due are automatically transferred to your PayPal or Bank account minus any fees that are owed to No action is needed on your behalf. If you are an overseas seller, do remember to inform us of your UK VAT number – we recommend you read the following information recently published by the UK Tax authority, HMRC

How and when do I get paid?

We will transfer your earnings to either your Bank Account (UK Sellers only) or PayPal Account. We will ask for these details from you when we approve your account, so please update us if they change in the future. Each month we will email an invoice detailing your sales and any fees applied or you may request a copy from customer support. No action is required by you. Please do not send BOUF an invoice. The transaction is between the customer and yourself, and will provide you with an invoice for our fees charged. Please ensure if you are VAT registered that you inform us of that and send us your VAT number. If you are registered for VAT and sell through the Bouf marketplace, it is important to note that you are the merchant of record for those sales. As such you are responsible for declaring the sales VAT, paid by the customer, to HMRC.

How do I list products in my account?

Please be as thorough as possible with product descriptions, ensure you add dimensions for your products, and create product options (text input fields, drop-down menus etc) for products that can be personalised or where colours or sizes can be specified. You can list items 1-by-1, but If you have more than 5 or 10 items, use our Speed Bulk Uploader which lets you format your data in a csv spreadsheet first. Once you have the spreadsheet formatted correctly, you’ll find this is a fast way to list your items. Please read the

How do I fulfil my orders correctly?

When an order is placed you will receive an email confirming the details. You MUST dispatch your order on time and login to your account to add tracking information where applicable for each order. It is vital that you keep the customer in the loop about their order. Please read the help Fulfilling your Order section here.

What about Insurance and Order tracking? And what happens if it goes missing in transit?

It is vital that when you ship orders, you get necessary tracking information and if your items are valuable that you have adequate insurance in case things go missing in transit. If the customer does not receive their item, unless through their own clear obstruction, or if it arrives damaged, it is your responsibility to ensure either a replacement is sent, or a refund is issued.

How do Returns, Cancellations and Refunds work?

When you sign-up, you provide a returns address and agree to act in accordance with our standard returns policy (made-to-order items do not have to be refunded if you choose not to). We will generate a personalised returns label for customers that wish to return an item to you. You must contact us as soon as you have received the returned item, and confirm its condition. Any refunds to the Customer are organised by If you have already been paid for the sale, we will charge deduct the cost of the refund from your next payment or invoice you directly whichever best applies. You can read our Returns & Refunds policy here.

If a customer cancels an order before they have received it, we will first try to confirm with you whether or not the item has been shipped yet. If it has not, we will ask you to refrain from Shipping the item so that the item can be marked as “Cancelled” in Your Account.

Who handles Customer Service? provides customers with a single Customer Service platform. Customers can contact us via email, online message and feedback forms, or in writing. If the Customer has a product query that we cannot answer, we will liaise with you and if necessary put you in touch with them via our Customer Support ticketing platform.

Why was my application for a Seller Account not approved?

Please note: we turn away more products and sellers than we allow in, to ensure the product range fits with our target customer base. Your product must fit with our requirements (see top of page), and the Bouf team must love your product. We aim to offer our consumers a hand-picked selection of the best products that we can find. Please do not be deterred if your product is declined by us, you can always re-apply once the issue has been resolved. Please contact us if you would like feedback on why your application was unsuccessful.

International Buying and Selling

Bouf Online Limited is a UK Company, complying to UK legislation. International Sellers can however register and sell their goods at Each Seller must specify which countries they are happy to ship their items to and provide a price for each item to each destination. Currently all fees are in Great British Pounds Sterling (GBP), and any currency-conversion is handled by PayPal. It is the Seller’s responsibility to comply with Tax legislation and any import and export Customs requirements of the sending and receiving countries of the shipment.

I still have questions, who do I speak to?

Please visit the Contact section of the website to speak to us directly.