Fulfilling your Orders


When an item has been purchased, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your order. Please ensure the email address you have in your account is correct and add support@bouf.com to your email address book. You should check your spam folder regularly in case legitimate emails are being caught. You can Sign In to Your Account to view the details of each order. You can also print all your Shipping labels and Receipts at the touch of a button in the orders page.


Products bought and sold at bouf.com are special. Customers really appreciate when a Seller has put some thought into the presentation of their order. Packaging is crucial, not just to protect the item, but to make it look great. As first impressions last, we ask all Sellers to think carefully about how their goods are packaged and presented, so that they look great when they arrive on the Customer’s doorstep. It is also important that they are cost effective to package, and are extremely well protected in transit.


We recommend using reputable shipping companies in your local area, that can offer insurance, collection service and tracking information. If you are a UK Seller, we recommend opening an account with Royal Mail, as their service and rates are excellent. It is worth ringing around a few of your local shipping companies and obtaining a quote for collecting the items from you and delivering them to your customers. They will need an estimated size, weight, destination, quantity and frequency of deliveries in order to provide an accurate quote. It is worth negotiating, and you will generally get a better price if you open an account with the shipping company, who may also be able to offer you credit terms, and invoice you on a monthly basis.

Your packaging and delivery policy says a lot about your business and can mean the difference between a never-to-be-seen-again customer and a loyal, repeat customer.

Most popular shipping companies provide online pricing calculators:

Royal Mail Price Finder
Fed Ex Shipping Calculator
DHL Shipping Calculator
UK Mail
CSM Logistics
USPS Mailing & Shipping Guidelines
Australian Postage Assessment Calculator
Poste Italiano
Correos Spain Price calculator


It is vital that when you ship orders, you get necessary tracking information and if your items are valuable that you have adequate insurance in case things go missing in transit. If the customer does not receive their item, or if it arrives damaged, it is your responsibility to ensure either a replacement is sent, or a refund is issued.


When an order is placed you will receive an email confirming the details. You MUST dispatch your order on time and login to your account to add tracking information for each order where applicable. It is vital that you keep the customer in the loop about their order.


We shall make payment to you of the sums paid by Users for you, less our commissions, on the day 15 after the delivery of the goods.

Please ensure you have given us the correct details for your account. You can request a copy of our invoices detailing your sales and any fees in your account at any time. No action is required by you. Please do not send bouf.com an invoice. The transaction is between the customer and yourself, and bouf.com will provide you with an invoice for our fees charged. Please ensure if you are VAT registered that you save your VAT number in your account.