Meet The Seller – Di Classe

Paper Foresti Pendant Lamp By Di Classe

Domei started his own company DI CLASSE in 1990 — fulfilling his own visions of lamps characterised by nature’s beauty and fragile simplicity.

He plays with light and shadow; the kaleidoscopic shadows he creates offer a sense of therapeutic healing. His philosophy has been vastly appreciated by the Japanese audience.

Our range of Di Classe lighting is sure to be a stunning feature in any home – keep reading below to take a look at our Top Picks:


Bouf’s Top Picks

Mini Foresti Pendant Lamp

Di Classe Mini Foresti Pendant Lamp

Mini Foresti is Di Classe’s iconic forest lamp and the first product the designer worked on.

A truly stunning pendant lamp inspired by the feelings of tranquility of being in a forest.

The clear glass cylinder around the bulb is handmade to allow the light to really sparkle with the light.

A great way for nature lovers to bring the outdoors in!


Arles Table Lamps

Di Classe Arles Table Lamps In Various Colours

Our popular three-legged Arles table lamp is a firm favourite and a bestseller.

It is reminiscent of the designer’s journey to Arles, South France and brings a modern yet nostalgic feel to any room it’s in.

The Arles table lamp is available in an amazing range of colours, from classic white, through to mint green, ultramarine blue and our personal favourite at Bouf of course – Berry Pink!


Paper Foresti Pendant Lamp

Paper Foresti Lamp by Di Classe

A real show stopper that looks best in a simply set room.

Our Paper Foresti Pendant Lamp is made from ‘air clean paper’ leaf cut outs which creates a contrast of light with compact fluorescent lamps, which are used as the light source.

The leaf cut outs overlap each other creating various shades of shadows on the walls.

The Paper Foresti is one of our most luxurious items and we’re sure you can see why.

Take a look at our full range of Di Classe Lighting at and find which design lights up your excitement!