Dream Guardian Bears

The 8 Dream Guardian characters are available in various sizes, with day-time and night-time versions too.
Each beautiful character is lovingly hand-crafted from Fair Trade, top-quality material.

Our Day Time Guardians make amazing companions during play time and when out and about.

Our super soft Night Time Guardian Bears watch over children while they sleep!

We also have our Lively Guardian Bears which are more flexible than the Day and Night Guardians with their articulated arms and legs. They are all handmade from top-quality materials so you’ll find the perfect Guardian Bear for your little one in our amazing range!

Hand Knitted Dream Guardian Day Bear - Karo
dg-tdg-07 hanging new
Tiny Dream Guardian Day Bear - Lizzie
DG-DG-08 (3)
Hand Knitted Dream Guardian Day Bear - Bobbie
DG-NG-01 (4)
Hand Knitted Dream Guardian Night Bear - Karo
DG-LZG-03 box
Lazy Guardian Bear - Barbra
DG-LZG-06 New
Lazy Guardian Bear - Fennis
DG-LZG-01 New
Lazy Guardian Bear - Karo
DG-LZG-07 New
Lazy Guardian Bear - Lizzie
DG-LZG-02 - baby
Lazy Guardian Bear - Leo
Lively Guardian Bear - Bobbie
Lively Guardian Bear - Foxxie
Lively Guardian Bear - Karu
Lively Guardian Bear - Barbra
Lively Guardian Bear - Poppy
Lively Guardian Bear - Karo