Banksy Wall Stickers

Banksy’s stencil wall art has made him a household name. The most infamous graffiti artist of his generation. He has created some of the most memorable graffiti wall art the world has ever seen. From kissing policemen, the Balloon girl, Style Rats and vandals throwing flowers (Flame thrower), the contrasting ideas in his graffiti make his work unique.

Bouf! are curators of some of the best wall art and Bansky wall stickers and decals.  Our amazing range of Banksy wall stickers ensures we have something for everyone.

Where to use our Banksy wall stickers

Wall stickers are a perfect way to brighten up a room and make great gifts for a friend or family member. Banky’s stickers feature a strong contrast and are striking to look at. Use our decals and stickers to create an immediate impact on any wall in your house of office.

Stickers colours, style and size

Bansky’s artwork is usually black and white, but some of the range has splashes of colour and you’ll find a range of vivid colours including reds, green, blues and yellow.

Our Banksy stickers come in a range of sizes, starting at 30cm and going all the way up to over 120cm. With these options, you’ll be able to enhance or decorate any space in your home.

What are wall decals

Wall decals are a custom cut from vinyl materials that are sticky on one side. Our decals are similar to a sticker but are not made out of paper. Wall decals are durable, long lasting and will never peel off any surface. Wall decals can be applied to almost any surface, such as glass, metal, wood, plastic, painted walls and more.

How to apply the wall stickers

Our Banksy wall decals are quick and easy to apply, the stickers themselves are quick and easy to use. There is no need for paint tools or sticky paste. Just peel and stick these wall decals without a hassle to most smooth surfaces.

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Banksy Style Television Girl Wall Sticker
Banksy Style Television Girl Wall Sticker
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Banksy WWF Panda Sticker 1
Banksy Style WWF Panda Wall Sticker
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