Wall Stickers

Looking for a quick way to decorate a room? Wall Stickers offer a great solution to easily update your space with minimal effort. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes and featuring some of our most popular categories such as Banksy Wall Stickers to make a great wall feature, or our Geometric Wall Stickers, which really add that “wow” factor”!

Where To Use Our Wall Stickers
Wall stickers are a perfect way to brighten up a room and make great gifts for a friend or family member. Wall stickers are great for a feature wall, to create an immediate impact on any room in your house of office.

What Are Wall Decals
Wall decals are a custom cut from vinyl materials that are sticky on one side. Our decals are similar to a sticker but are not made out of paper. Wall decals are durable, long lasting and will never peel off any surface. Wall decals can be applied to almost any surface, such as glass, metal, wood, plastic, painted walls and more.

How To Apply Wall Stickers
Our wall decals are quick and easy to apply, the stickers themselves are quick and easy to use. There is no need for paint tools or sticky paste. Just peel and stick these wall decals without a hassle to most smooth surfaces.

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