1 Drip Drop Necklace (Sterling Silver)

Product Description

This amazing One Drip Necklet wass new for 2010 and has proven to be a big hit. The ultra simplicity of the design portrays the fluid elegance of the sterling silver to the maximum. The drip comes on a torc, which fits beautifully around all neck sizes.

This Necklace is one of our favourite designed pieces and catches the eye of anyone around. The drip drops down 8.5cm from top to bottom. The length of the chain is just 2cm thus giving the drip the ability to move and sway when worn. The Necklet can be worn on all neck sizes as there is a 10cm feeder chain on the back with a delicate drip off the end for a total effect. (This beautiful piece of craftsmanship also comes in a beautiful designer box.)


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