14,000 Objects (No Repeat, Guaranteed) Limited Edition Print


Product Description

signed by artist, limited addition print 1/75 on thick satin paper A1 size (59.4 x 84.1cm)

14000 (approx) tiny drawings of anything smaller than a microwave, every drawing on this image is different.

“Whilst exploring three-dimensional work, Samuel continues to draw and paint which complements and informs his sculpture. ‘14,000 Objects (No Repeat, Guaranteed)’ is, as the title suggests a drawing, ink on paper, of 14,000 different things seemingly hurtling through space, filling the void and our field of vision with a blur of, well, anything you can think of really!”

Additional Information

Manufacturer samuel lindup
Materials paper,ink
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 50 x 70 cm
samuel lindup

samuel lindup

Sam’s gone back to the drawing board literally. His new ink drawings are something to behold.

Artist/designer Samuel Lindup makes by hand great wooden creations such as clocks and stationary accessories


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