22° 36° 48° Bowl


Product Description

Why 22° 36° 48°? The three possible angles at which the bowl can sit.

At 22 degrees, the bowl holds its contents modestly. It becomes more inviting when tilted to 36 degrees. And, at 48 degrees, it flaunts its contents for you to share.

Not just visually pleasing – an interactive, playful experience.

Ordinarily, a base would interrupt the form of a bowl. Here the three bases are incorporated into the aesthetics of the design. They create its style. They allow the user to explore the bowl’s sculptural form. They allow greater flexibility for the bowl to be incorporated into a space.

An outer wall with three cut holes and an inner wall with rim.

The 22° 36° 48° is a double-walled, welded bowl. Reflections in the mirror-finish hold secrets. Holes in the outer wall reflect in the inner wall. Objects in the bowl are mirrored. Often, in polite company, guests do not want to take the last piece. Here, that last piece is doubled. The guest reaching for the penultimate piece realises too late and clears the bowl.

Additional Information

Materials 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel
Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 34.5 cm


Head designer Jim Rokos explores the physical properties of materials to generate aesthetic intriguing concepts. Rokos creates products of exceptional quality made without compromise at any stage of the process from design to manufacture. Rokos won the prestigious 2012 Reddot award for the 13° 60° 104° Wine Decanter.


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