8 Eternity Roses In Lux Gold Hat Box

8 Eternity Roses In Lux Gold Hat Box


The Gold Valentines Collection By Lux Florals

Valentine’s Day traditionally is a day when you can tell someone how much you adore them.The giving of luxury flowers has been one gift that has gained popularity since the King of Sweden, King Charles II, learned about the giving of flowers after a trip to Persia.The colour, type and number of flowers all meant something significant. Later, in the Victorian times, books were published providing information about flowers and their meanings.The red-colored rose is known as the choice to give if you are deeply in love with someone. How many roses was said to show your sentiment toward that person. One rose holds the meaning of love at first sight, with two roses meaning mutual love and affection. Three rose or more means “I love you"The pink coloured rose is known as the flower of sweet thoughts and gentle emotions. It indicates an affection that may turn into deeper love. Innocent love that has not yet blossomed into passion, a deep affection that has not yet reached its pinnacle is what our pink eternity roses expresses.

Rose Colour




– Do not water

– Do not remove from their hat box/container

– If they get a little dusty – brush with soft make up brush

– Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading

– Do not expose to high humidity – moisture is not their friend

A rose care guide detailing the above is provided with each arrangement so don’t worry if you forget anything.


Our luxury one year roses are the finest roses in the World. Sourced from the industries best growers in Ecuador they are the largest roses you can find.

They are cut at the optimum time and then preserved using a natural technique that preserves their stunning beauty and feel and suspends them in this state, so they will last for a whole year in open arrangements and up to 3 years in closed arrangements.


Enjoy discrete outer packaging with us.

Our arrangements arrive in unbranded packaging so you can keep them a surprise if needed.

We advise ordering early to avoid disappointment. Our one year roses can be stored in their box until you require them.

We dispatch all of our handmade arrangements with 48 hours of an order being placed (Monday – Friday). Any orders placed after 5pm will be processed the next working day. Any orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following Monday.

International delivery is also available in Europe, USA & Canada

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