A-normal with stainless steel legs


Product Description

The a-normal was designed after looking at how people sit on chairs in ways they weren’t designed for. The a-normal encourages people to sit on the chair in any way… however they find most comfortable.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cameron Fry
Materials Sustainably sourced Birch ply, recycled foam, stainless steel legs. With a choice of fabrics.
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 30 x 93.4 x 89.5 cm


Brief History

Liqui was first created by Cameron Fry while he was still studying at university so that he had a name to put on products that he was making for friends and family. Cameron went on to graduate in 2007 having been short listed for New Designer of the Year which lead to him being picked up by a well known London lighting company for freelance work. But his passion for design and a continued desire to create a unique brand soon lead him to set up his own studio workshop. Subsequently Cameron has worked on several projects with his father Martin an artist and graphic designer and with their combined skill sets they are now endeavoring to build Liqui into a multi-faceted design practice.

The Brand
Liqui are a new design practice based in the UK who design and make innovative statement furniture and lighting. With their multi-disciplined approach they strive to create pieces that are in some way different to the norm - whether it's the materials that are used the combining of traditional with contemporary elements or the incorporation of graphic design into a 3-dimensional context. As far as possible they make things that have a minimum impact on the environment and this is often reflected in their choice of materials such as paper and cardboard. As well as an interesting range of products presently made by small batch production they also create bespoke pieces on commission.


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