A Taste of Paradise


Product Description

So heaven can wait! We just love the subtle golds and nudes in A Taste of Paradise. The gold pearl necklace is adorned by black diamond glass crystals, and gorgeous Swarovski pearls. Two gold strands of heaven!

Hardware: Swarovski pearls, brass, crystals, and polyester threads. One Size (adjustable 45-53 cm)

Scarlet Olive

Scarlet Olive

Scarlet Olive is the creator of bespoke jewellery designs that combine technique and texture in a colourful and playful style.  Always unique each contemporary piece is refreshing to wear and a treasure to behold.  Whatever the occasion a Scarlet Olive piece is always chic!  Wear it how you feel - each piece transitions easily from day to night ....  whatever your journey enjoy the luxury of wearing a Scarlet Olive.  


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