Adria 18" Insignia Pendant

Product Description

Adria forms part of a range of ‘sculpted jewellery accents’ by London-based, independent label Rocco. Our products are the creations of British designer Evthokia Veliotou and her vision to empower women with tailored designs that accentuate the female form.
Adria’s darted design has a naval authoritative look. The deliberate parallel lines frame the face and navigate the eye to a centrally balanced point elevating simple clothing to distinctive high fashion.
Adria’s couture, sculpted style is adaptable to trends and tastes whilst its conceptual, high-end design makes it an object of desire at an affordable price. Our jewellery is individually hand-made in the UK proudly representing British design and craftsmanship.

Additional Information

Manufacturer ROCCO
Materials Sterling Silver
Dimensions 0.5 x 3 x 3.5 cm


Rocco jewellery embraces the abundant sensuality of the body its curves and contours are framed with contrasting accents for a naturally feminine appeal.

"When we design a piece of jewellery we work sculpturally tailoring our designs so they highlight the body's features; speaking of its physicality".

The collaboration between body and jewellery means each piece really comes to life when worn resulting in something very empowering in the purest sense.

"We want women to feel empowered when they wear Rocco to feel in-tune with themselves through inspired intuitive design that looks effortless."


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