Alien City

Product Description

small sculpture in steel


Art and Design

Her life
Monika was born in Italy and she had studied art ever since. After she graduated at the "Accademia di Belle Arti" decided to continue to study at the university she took a MA in Painting restoration and then a PG in Japanese and Korean art in London where she actually lives and works. She has just completed a Research degree in Fine art (MA by project) with a project on nature and gesture through the expression of calligraphy and she works as a freelance tutor and workshop leader. She participated to various exhibitions had one solo exhibition in Germany and two in England and won few prizes. 
Her work
Her artworks are inspired by her own nature and her relationship with the Earth and to spread emotions to the world. In her paintings and calligraphies she come back to the historical and cultural past associated with the scribe communication of oriental people and the modern usage of Chinese and Japanese ideograms.
Her style represents the harmony between a logical research and her personal feelings and instinctive actions. She tries to reach peace to fulfill the emptiness and lack of values in the modern world. She uses paper as a symbol of the universe and ink as a representation of life and movement. She also uses natural materials and elements such as cork and a red soil originated from the volcano "Etna" belonging to her roots in Sicily.
The main point for her is to create a balance on this planet and try to express and gives harmony to the people who look at her work.


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