Armadillo Femme Statue

Product Description

It has long been known that introducing objets d’art into your home is a good way to inspire, relax and focus your mind. This curiosity is a superb example of a conversation piece that you could place in any room to stimulate yourself and your guests’ imagination.

This item is a bust on an oak base that is rendered in resin and carrara marble powder giving it a robust marble-like texture and substantial feel. It depicts a female form in high detail with a headdress made of sea shells and notably an armadillo shell.

Armadillos have long been associated with fertility, particularly in Mayan culture where the armadillo is said to promote fruitfulness on account of its ability to regularly give birth to quadruplets of the same sex. Perhaps this statue will bring an abundance to your family too.

This product was specially selected by award-winning designer Dagmar Holub and features in the Designer’s Atelier Collection of International Treasures for the Home.

Additional Information:

Material: Resin and Carrara Marble Powder
Product Dimensions: 46CM Height

Designer's Atelier

Designer’s Atelier

Originally a scholar devoted to the study of philosophy and history she paid little heed to her childhood habit of rearranging objects let alone envisioning a future as an award-winning designer with a devoted international clientele. When her years of study left her restless with their lack of practical application a chance distraction of redesigning an old house was nothing short of a great awakening. She realized that interior design was a living philosophy noting that the arrangement style and colours of a room has a direct influence on its inhabitants. What she had overlooked as a compulsive habit now transformed into an all consuming passion revealing an almost uncanny instinct for balance and a brave use of texture and materials that others were quick to take note of. After a stint working for the famed Andrew Martin design team she procured a coveted internship with interiors icon Kelly Hoppen. With the quiet assurance one only sees in those who have found their life’s mission Dagmar had a growing client base before even finishing her design course. Awards began to pile up. She attracted the attention of Sir Terence Conran and Philippe Starck who judged her worthy of second place in the One to Watch Mydeco competition which aimed to discover the UK’s most promising designers. BIDA Design Review magazine showcased her as runner up in the Il Tempo Abitare competition. Most recently she was one of three winners in Homes & Gardens magazine’s competition sponsored by renowned interiors brand Sanderson in their search for a designer who could bring English style to a 21st Century interior. Working both residentially and commercially and with a product line that sells internationally Dagmar prides herself on her approachable manner with clients and has committed herself to creating design experiences that work from the inside out to restore one’s energy and reflect one’s own personality lifestyle and good health over following any trend.


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