Banksy Book : Collection 1 Book

Product Description

A collection of 30 pieces of his famous works. His stencils feature striking and humourous images usually with an anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment message.

Its a book of art, but cleverly, each page is also a postcard!
After reading about him and admiring the clever work, you can tear along the perforations and you have fully functioning postcards! Have fun deciding which postcard to send to whom!

And as a trendsetter, be the first to jump onto the new trend — Revival of the humble Postcard!

Everybody loves to receive a letter but nobody has the time to write and send them anymore.
Lets bring back the small joys of receiving by writing ‘mini letters’ on the back of a postcard and sending to friends and family!


Set of 30 postcards, each with a different design



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