bARTon The Batmouse Canvas Art piece 24x36

Product Description

Disney meets the dark Knight. Hand Painted.

Bartonink showcases ideas in conceptual Art from John Barton. Bartonink concepts are digitally designed by Barton in the studio and perfectly reproduced on canvas by human hand in the factory. Bartonink creates the illusion of digital printing in the form of hand painted canvas art. Bartonink taunts and parodies the power of the pixel with hand painted pieces of such high standard that they often appear to be Digitally printed! Often it is only upon close inspection that it is revealed every piece is in fact hand painted art of the highest quality. Bartonink lives by Limited Edition. Every painting is unique in its own way and once sold will never be officially endorsed or reproduced on canvas in its original form.

This is a limited edition painting as all our artworks and will not be reproduced on mass scale. This is our pledge and our fight against Digital Print art!

Clooci Creative

Clooci Creative

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