Beaded, Ribbed Honey Pot, silver plate

Product Description

Our silver-plated Ribbed Honey Pot is handcrafted exclusively for Tiffinware. It consists of the Honey Pot with Lid

Match with a ‘Wiggly Stem’ Honey Spoon for a beautiful and unusual gift, or just treat yourself and brighten up breakfast or tea time!

Sold separately

Personalise your purchase by choosing the glass beads that embellish your Ribbed Honey Pot.



Kitsch fun funky tableware home accessories that make a statement. If you love quirky whimsical playful stuff to lighten and brighten your lives then this is the place for you!

Beautifully hand-made by our craftsmen and packaged in gorgeous silk satin tissue pouches and send your 'gifts' out to you - we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Our spectacular cheery bright enamel series caused quite a stir last year browse through our collection of utilitarian objects from everyday life in Inida - Tea Sets Serving Sets and the iconic Tiffin Boxes -  we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift here or you can commission us to design one for you!

 Our range is growing all the time so please keep checking back for new items.


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