BexSimon Cast Iron Kitchen Roll Holder

Product Description

This product is made from solid cast iron and finished in matt black enamel or coloured powder coat. The design features two leaf retainers to prevent the roll from unravelling. The first hangs down from the topper piece and doubles as leaf-tearing aid, and the second is a ridge cast into the base.  The kitchen roll is fitted by simply unscrewing the topper from the column.

17.6 x 17.6 x 31.3cm H.
Approx. 1.5Kg

BexSimon Collections Ltd

BexSimon Collections Ltd

Bex Simon is today’s leading female artist blacksmith creating exciting and original contemporary metal work from her London based workshop.
Her handmade gates railings furniture window grills water fountains and sculptures are heavily influenced by nature textures and the environment as well as the Art Nouveau movement taking inspiration from artists such as Gaudi and Lalique. She works closely with her clients to produce unique exclusive pieces for the home and garden and is now venturing into designed products which are accessible to everyone. Bex aims to produce organic yet solid functional pieces of art work for today’s modern home.

The BexSimon mission is to create functional art products using a broad range of metals and metal techniques and to keep art as the focus of creative tactile and innovative design.


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