Birch Tree Forest With Birds Wall Sticker

Product Description

Silver Birch Forest Wall Sticker

Amaze your friends and family with this beautiful Silver Birch forest complete with birds, designed to fill a whole wall or your entire room. These trees stretch from the floor to the ceiling and are perfect for all spaces such as living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens and even offices. These trees can be placed through out your home or together to make an entire natural Birch Forest.

This pack will contain;

8 x Silver Birch trees with each tree measuring 250cm Heigh and up to 30cm wide.

3 x Birds measuring between 22cm x 20cm and 28cm x 26cm

1 x fully detailed installation instructions.

Precision cut from high quality adhesive wall vinyl in the color and direction of your choice with application tape fully applied

Additional Information

Manufacturer Wallboss
Dimensions 150 x 70 cm


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