Birthstone necklace

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A delightful personalised birthstone pendant necklace with sweet charm and initial. Suitable for girls and women.An individual and thoughtful gift for a special friend and occasion. Our handmade birthstone pendant necklaces are available with an array of gorgeous birthstones and charms so tailoring each piece to your intended recipient is easy.Semi-precious gemstone pendant, silver plated ball, Snake or Fine link chain and letter with sweet pewter charm.



 In the begining......

We have wonderful wintry 'snow days' in our village as we get cut off so easily when it snows.  All the Mums Dads and children go off to a nearby field to sledge - then meet back at the local pub for lunch and a few drinks to warm ourselves up!  
It was on one of these days in 2011 that I had a conversation with a close friend about how happy my family were with my handmade Jewellery I gave for Christmas.  I said I wanted to start selling jewellery and we wondered what could I call my new venture. Ruby my eldest daughter said "What about Rubydoo Mum?" and so it began........
Since then I have loved spending every spare minute making anything and everything that takes my interest. I work in my studio in my house with a very special person Abbi. I used to be her Nanny for before having my children. We have great fun making up the days orders listening to Radio 2 reminiscing about the old days and coming up with new and exciting designs.  
I really love getting new and exciting findings and coming up with new designs and Abbi is catching the bug too!! 
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