Black Faux Leather Hollywood Style Make Up Theatre Mirror Illuminated Dimmable

Product Description

The Broadway Make-up Mirror is hand made from wood and finished with Faux Leather or Faux Crocodile.

Measures: Housing only – 560mm high x 440mm wide x 75mm deep
When opened with free standing support bracket at the base – 560mm high x 440mm wide x 260mm deep
Note that the “deep” measurements exclude the depth of the lamp – for your information this is an additional 60mm.
CE & RoHS certified

It is designed for simplicity of use and is pre-assembled only requiring the lamps screwing into the lamp-holders – the supply cable with dimmer and plug connecting into the mini-socket, which is located within the rear compartment of the Mirror – and the mains plug (protected by a 3 amp fuse) into the supply socket. The dimmer, which is also the “On/Off” power switch is operated by fully rotating clockwise to provide maximum output and when turning anti-clockwise will dim to eventual off, when fully rotated, noting a click into the off position.

Access to the concealed storage compartment is by pulling the Tab on the back panel, which is also the support for the Mirror in free-standing mode.

The Broadway Make-Up Mirror is supplied with 15 x 18W Halogen Lamps with E27 Screw Cap (located within the storage compartment) and whilst the Mirror only takes 12 lamps, there are spares in case of lamp damage. Always ensure the power is disconnected before fitting or removing lamps.

The Broadway Make-Up Mirror is supplied with 2 x pre-fixed brackets to the rear of the Mirror for wall mounting.
Remove protective film from the Mirror before use.

Additional Information

Manufacturer 60 Second Makeover
Dimensions 7.5 x 44 x 56 cm
60 Second Makeover Limited

60 Second Makeover


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