Blackberry Crush

Product Description

A blackberry pearl necklace on a double strand gold chain, defined by the rich colours of Blackberries and the warmth and textures of pearls and crystals. Blackberry Crush has the movement and colour of the juices of your favourite berries pouring into a glass to start your day in the cosiest corner of your favourite coffee shop! Deep and dark violet crystals compliment perfectly the smoothness of these Swarovski pearls! Doubly delicious!

Hardware: brass, crystals and polyester threads. One Size (adjustable 45-53 cm)

Scarlet Olive

Scarlet Olive

Scarlet Olive is the creator of bespoke jewellery designs that combine technique and texture in a colourful and playful style.  Always unique each contemporary piece is refreshing to wear and a treasure to behold.  Whatever the occasion a Scarlet Olive piece is always chic!  Wear it how you feel - each piece transitions easily from day to night ....  whatever your journey enjoy the luxury of wearing a Scarlet Olive.  


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