Black/White Spiral Lampshade

Product Description

Black/White Spiral Lampshade is part of the textile lighting collection, which brings together the fusion of hand crafted embroidery techniques giving each lampshade its own unique signature. Black/White spiral Lampshade is made from chiffon and embroidered with nylon tubing in a spiral formation.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Kaniez Abdi
Materials Chiffon, Cotton, nylon tubing
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 25 cm
Kaniez Abdi

Kaniez Abdi

 Kaniez Abdi has been a textile designer and consultant for more than ten years. Her A-list clients include Tori Burch Calvin Klein Kenzo and Diane Von Furstenberg. Working in various industries such as fashion film and interiors her specialty lies in creating cutting-edge textiles that are fitting for the home. With a highly experimental and artisanal approach she uses a wide range of techniques including hand sewing machine embroidery bonding heating dyeing painting and printing when creating her designs.  She also incorporates photography computer manipulation and image abstraction in the development of her concepts which results in bold and graphic designs. 


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