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Product Description

DUNE was inspired by various natural shapes – sand-dunes, flowing water, fractality. The shelf is based on the principle of the Flower of Life and the Golden Ratio that appeals to the human eye through its ideal proportion. The winding curves of the shelf seem spontaneous at first glance but are actually based on an algorithm that reoccurs after every fifth span. The repetition is created by three elements with different shapes in both vertical and horizontal levels. The algorithm is not computer generated but created by the designer. While designing the shelf the artist aimed to use material as waste free as possible, enabled by the placement of the details and the perfect fit of the arcs that are cut out with a joint line for two elements. The spacious Dune can be used as a wall shelf or as a room divider. The shelf is easy to assemble according to instructions due to a dovetail joint and simple tablet fixtures.
Material – 12 mm laminated birch plywood, waterproof
DIY – consists of 12 – 14 details, instruction included, wall mounting needed

Additional Information

Manufacturer Jaanus Orgusaar
Materials 12mm laminated birch plywood
Weight 88 kg
Dimensions 41 x 245 x 245 cm
Borealis LCC

Jaanus Orgusaar

We offer you a small range of sustainable plywood furniture all cut with precision cut CNC. The birch comes from the Baltic states produced locally. Most of the products in the range are flat-pack for easy sustainable shipping this adds the joy of compilation for the customers who can have fun at home puzzling the pieces together enjoying the clever design. Less is more!


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