BOOMERANG BROOCH Action Man & Barbie items

Product Description

GUNS & PEARLS present:

This fantastic item is made from a combination of VINTAGE ACTION MAN accessories (boxing glove and a boomerang) + vintage Barbie BRUSH + a silver tone BIRD CHARM + a selection of read, black and pearl beads

On a silver plated pin.

Just a thing to brighten and fun up your winter outfit!
Will definitely not go unnoticed!

I use genuine vintage toy items, so this item is unique, one-off design.

By directly from the maker for wholesale price:)


Guns & Pearls

Original, fun, limited edition jewellery.

From 2008.

Made in the UK.

Guns & Pearls jewellery is original, limited edition design, using vintage and new beads, often combined with recycled toys. Search our store for unusual necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches.    


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