Bottle Bag

Product Description

This reusable fabric Bottle Bag is a gift in itself and is a perfect way to carry your gift to a party or round to dinner.

Each Bottle Bag is fully lined with a reinforced handle and the drawstring gives you the option to conceal your gift.

Handmade using fabric with a certified recycled content of at least 45% and printed using heat sublimation, one of the most environmentally friendly printing techniques.

Each bottle Bag is designed to carry standard wine and champagne bottles

For more information on what could fit, have a look at our size guide – products/size-guide

Wrag Wrap

Wrag Wrap

  Wrag Wrap is a range of beautiful fabric gift wrap which unlike normal paper gift wrap or gift boxes is designed to be re-used over a lifetime of gift giving.  If you are fed up with the piles of waste paper at Christmas time then make the switch to Wrag Wrap. Each Wrag Wrap is not only designed to look good it is also effortless to use making any gift look special.  


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