Bubble Tank Fish Bowl


Product Description

A great statement piece for any home.

Fish tanks and aquariums are often the main attraction in a room, however it is usually the fish themselves that are the focal point rather than the tank.

Made from premium glass, handblown and slumped by a master glassblower, each tank has its own unique form and individual characteristics. The tank is a celebration of skill and craft represented in a truly unique product.

This tank is primarily designed for certain types of fish, namely Betta, Siamese Fighting Fish or Splendens. These are solitary animals whose original natural habitats are calm, shallow paddy fields originating in South Asia, and who prefer to live in hotter climates of 24 degrees celsius and above. To maintain a consistent warm water temperature we recommend placing The Bubble Fish Tank on a heating mat (such as those commonly used for reptiles).

The fish in the picture are Danios, a very resilient fish that can live in water temperatures typical of Britain as well as in heated aquariums. We do not recommend keeping goldfish in the tanks as they produce a great deal of ammonia and general waste, and also need a lot more space to swim around.

Whatever fish you’re housing, we recommend regular water changes of around 25% and possibly the use of an air stone or similar equipment to help oxygenate the tank and minimise any build up of algae on the surface.

Made from premium glass and individually mouth-blown, each tank has a hand polished rim.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Psalt Design
Materials Glass - Hand-blown
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 24 x 27 x 18 cm
Psalt Design

Psalt Design

Psalt Design is a Sheffield based Furniture and Product Design company which specialises in fun contemporary and unique products which are all handmade in the UK. The studio was set up in 2010 by Richard Bell and David Powell with the aim to develop a range of intriguing crafted products with a contemporary look. All our products are made by skilled craftsmen and are in batch production with the exception of some of the larger pieces which are made to order. "We believe in the perfect marriage between craftsmanship and design. Using local manufacturers and sustainable materials where possible to produce a unique and desirable body of work." Psalt Design have exhibited both nationally and internationally at a range of shows and exhibitions including TENT London (London Design Festival) HOME 2013 (Earls Court London) Design Event MART (The Baltic Newcastle) and MIKSER Festival (Belgrade Serbia) We hope you like our products! Richard and David.


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