Candela Wall Light

Product Description

Designed by Young & Battaglia
Made in England by Mineheart

The ‘Renaissance’ wall light is a beautifully simple circular shade is made using traditional lampshade making techniques of fabric stretched over a steel frame. The front diffuser features an image of a girl lit by candle light, and is designed to give the feeling of soft, romantic candlelight. The candle flame is cleverly positioned directly in front of the light source so that when the light is on, the light eminates from the flame. The white fabric sides also allow diffused light through making it both a practical and an artistic light source. Designed by Young & Battaglia with artwork by Himitsuhana.

Specifcations (DxH):

350mm x 100mm

Candle wall light, dutch style painting, romantic atmosphere, diffused light shade

Lead Time: 2 to 3 weeks



Mineheart produces the 'Loveable Collection' of furniture lighting wallpaper and interior accessories. The pieces in the collection are selected to inspire us many tell a story express a poetic notion a thought or an experiment others just make us smile! The pieces are on the boundary of objects of art and mass produced items and many of the products our made to order or produced in small batches by UK based crafts-people.


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