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Inspired by Katcha Bilek’s travels through Spain, this bohemian-feel satchel is another Katcha Bilek classic. Waterproof, versatile and stylish the satchel is easy-to-wear for working and partying. Brass studding & transformed inner-tube makes this KB piece an interesting twist on the traditional style of satchel.

katcha bilek


Welcome to Katcha Bilek on Bouf!

The bags and purses are made of truck inner tubes. The straps on them are old car seatbelts. The belts are made of bike tyres.

All these materials are collected locally and everything (except the trimmings) is cut and sewn by hand in my Bristol workshop without the use of industrial machinery or exploited labour!

The materials make a great alternative to animal products and their properties mean that each product is unique: a bag can be cut from the same pattern as another but the outcome will always be different.

Happy Shopping!

My favourite quote:
“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”
- William Morris.


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