Childrens Colour Changing Polka Dot Bag


Product Description

The Polka Dot waterproof sporty bag with stylish drawstring is ideal for school, sports and everyday use. The bold white Polka Dots magically burst into colours and characters when wet!

Additional Information

Manufacturer SquidLondon
Materials Polyester
Dimensions 33 x 42 cm


Fun exciting and Colour Changing umbrellas to brighten up any grey rainy day!

As soon as the rain hits the panels the colour design springs to life! And magically turns back to white when it is dry.

Available in different designs and colour - These Squidarellas are the ideal gift for yourself or a freind.

The ultimate walking piece of art!

Shipping Details

Shipping from : United Kingdom (UK)

Dispatch Time : 3-5 working days

Country Cost Delivery Time
North America £4.99 1 week - 2 weeks
Europe £4.49 1 week - 2 weeks
United Kingdom £1.99 3-5 working days


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