Child's Alphabet Artwork

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An adorable illustrated and designed alphabet piece of artwork for children, which features intricate illustrations around a vintage typography of the alphabet.

Each piece features a variety of illustrations including trains, planes and bunting for the boys design. Princesses, fairies and butterflies for the girls design.

Available as a standard A4 unframed print (29.7cm x 21 cm) or A3 unframed print (42 cm x 29.7 cm) on high quality glossy 180gsm paper.

The Fine Art Giclée Print is printed on 300gsm fine art paper. The process known as Giclée comes from a French word meaning ‘to spray’. It is used to describe prints made on the latest high technology printers that are able to print to unprecedented quality and archival levels (the same lifespan as a photograph). Dimension: 40cm x 50cm

The Canvas format is simply stunning, and makes a unique centre piece within any child’s room or play room. Doubling up as a fun and contemporary way for little ones to learn the alphabet! Dimensions:16 x 20 inches (depth of 22mm)

Fully copyrighted work of JG Artwork.

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