Circular Delgado Mirror

Product Description

A circular minimal mosaic mirror inspired by the Art Deco movement. Available in either mirror and sandblasted mirror or 23.5ct gold,copper and aluminium gilded glass.
Its slim elegant frame makes it a very functional mirror, ideal for a bathroom (or any room come to that!)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Claire Nayman Mosaics.
Materials MDF base, mirror and gilded glass with strap fixings on back
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 5 x 50 x 50 cm
Claire Nayman Mosaics

Claire Nayman Mosaic Mirrors

Claire Nayman Mosaics designs and produces beautiful handmade contemporary glass mosaic mirrors. We take our inspiration from classic designs and give them a modern and unique twist. Each piece of glass is intricately cut by hand and laid in a way to make each mirror shimmer and sparkle reflecting the changes in light to a stunning effect. All the mirrors make a stunning statement to enhance your interior and can be made to any size or colour.


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