Coalescence ii

Product Description

Through the study of botanical sources of inspiration, ‘Coalescence ii’ exists as piece of collected, abstracted, surreal and almost alien piece of sculptural glass. Derived from many different points of reference, such as twisting vines and microscopic pollen, I explore form, space, material and texture, using only the purity of transparent glass and light

Coalescence ii is now approximately a year a half old. It was the piece that I felt truly satisfied at having made. I now see it as the ‘calling card’ for myself and my aesthetic, and it never fails to be a source of inspiration. It in effect represents the journey of development I went through at the RCA to develop my accute and critical feelings about glass.These ‘ideas’ eventually led me to make ‘Coalescence ii’ and that now feeds into all my bespoke designing work, and is helping me to forge out a career in glass.

The piece represented in the images is only the starting point. To date I have made approx 7 variations on Coalescence, all which are unique pieces. Please contact me through Bouf for further informations

James Lethbridge Glass

James Lethbridge Glass


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