Cog Classic Light Shade

Product Description

Cog Classic brings warm bright light to your interior with its softly illuminated slices emanating light from its core. Its sleek shape is practical, striking and its classic proportions elegantly bridge the gap between, traditional and modern interiors.

Blue Marmalade: When we produce a product for you we always make sure that it works well, looks great (in our opinion, anyway) and it has a clear eco conscience. So we design out nasty chemicals and processes and use low energy ways of making them. We use recycled materials whenever we can (and with cog intimo we can) and ensure they remain recyclable. Every product we make has been designed so that it is really simple to recycle and we promise to take it back for recycling at the end of its life.
We do all this because we think we should, to benefit the environment and the people who make our products, but most of all for you, so that you can have a product that you

Product Dimensions:
30cm Diameter x 21cm deep

100% recycled plastic

Produces a bright comfortable light
Straightforward, easy assembly with no re-wiring required
A fabulous design statement that will suit every room in the home
Easy to clean and dust as it has virtually no horizontal surfaces to gather dust
Openings within give direct light both upwards and downwards
Fits onto both bayonet and screw light bulb fittings

Water based eco printing on the packaging
Zero landfill waste created during production
Designed with energy saving light bulbs in mind.
Designed and made in Britain for a low carbon footprint
Takes up little space with its natural recyclable cardboard packaging
R&R (recycled and recyclable) materials give respite to the planet

Blue Marmalade Ltd.

Blue Marmalade®

Blue Marmalade® live light live bright™

We are Trent and Tom and we set up Blue Marmalade because we believe that good design can help us all live a more enjoyable less wasteful life.  How? By creating eco-friendly products that are as interesting witty challenging and full of life as our customers. Products that people not only want to buy but that we know they’ll want to keep for a long time. And by doing it all in a way that keeps our own footprint as light as possible – local production sustainable materials all production cast-offs re-used and products flat-packed for transport yet straight forward to put together.
So back in 2002 why did two furniture designers pack in their jobs to go it alone? Because every home needs to be filled with products that people love and we wanted to create those products. Important to us is not just the product itself but the process that brings it into existence. It is this often unseen and neglected side that we wanted to do differently and do better. The established ways that bring us the products we buy is perhaps not always the best and we think that just because everyone else does things one way is no reason to follow suit. That is why we set about designing products that are less harmful to produce and building a manufacturing loop that is as clean eco and efficient as we can make it. Because there’s a better way to do things so lets get it right right from the start!
Here’s to a lighter brighter world for us all.


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