Cola 10 - Ceiling Lampshade

Product Description

Considered to be her signature piece the Cola 10 is a skilfully handmade, bold and beautiful lampshade.

Named as the light reuses 10 Coca Cola bottles which are collected locally. These bottles are then cleaned and sandblasted to turn the plastic from being transparent to opaque.

The bottles are then dyed the gorgeous, vibrant colours. Then with some intricate, highly skilled cutting and sculpting the bottles are completely transformed into these stunning lights. Each bottle is then attached to a polypropylene base and secured with their own bottle top.

The standard colours are: Turquoise, Purple, Orange, Green, White, Pale Blue. However the bottles can be dyed any colour so if you have a particular colour in mind then just let us know and this can be made at no extra charge.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sarah Turner
Materials Recycled plastic Coca Cola bottles
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 35 cm
Sarah Turner - Eco Art & Design

Sarah Turner – Eco Art & Design

Sarah Turner is an award winning eco artist & designer making beautiful products from waste materials. Specialising in making decorative lighting from waste plastic drinks bottles she reincarnates this waste material into a new life. All the bottles are collected locally from cafes and households. Each bottle is then cleaned and sandblasted to give the opaque look then hand cut and sculpted into decorative forms. The waste bottles are totally transformed and it’s almost impossible to tell what they originated from. Discarded plastic is such a huge environmental problem and only a small amount of plastic drinks bottle are recycled in the UK. So these lights aim to do something creative with them and overall save a few bottles from the landfill sites. Sarah’s designs prove that.... "just because a product is made from rubbish it doesn’t mean it needs to look like it does!" Sarah thrives on the challenge of creating a beautiful product from waste materials. She analyses the natural properties and features of the waste material and takes advantage of them using them in a new and different way.


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