Cosmic Jar Lantern

Product Description

The Cosmic Jar is a portable, battery-operated lantern. It consists of a beautiful, vintage Mason Jar housing a 40 LED light string. When the jar is switched on the LEDs illuminate with a soft warm glow, much like stars (or fireflies) in the night sky on a warm summer’s evening. The collective effect of the 40 LEDs is the appearance of a ‘cosmos of stars’ trapped in the Jar.

The Cosmic Jar is also supplied with a tealight holder which can replace the LED light string. This extends the use of the jar to a traditional tealight lantern.

The Cosmic Jar comes with a lid and handle. The lid protects the circuitry from the elements and, thus, allows the product to be used indoors and out.

The Cosmic Jar can be used in many ways:
– At garden parties place jars on tables, around the garden, or hang from tree branches to provide extra light in the evening.
– At night place jars along paths or walkways to illuminate the way in the darkness, whilst adding a touch of beauty and romance.
– Use for decoration by removing the lights and arranging a floral or candle display within the jar.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HeadSprung
Materials Glass jar with distressed cream metal lid
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 20 cm
HeadSprung! Ltd

HeadSprung – Live Life Beautifully


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