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Crime and Punishment was actually initially published in monthly installments. It was Fyodor Dostojevskij’s first work after his years in exile in Siberia. The story describes how Raskolnikov debates whether killing an unscrupulous pawn broker is justified and if he is really capabel of it. It is a pretty gruesome story to say the least. This poster is of course printed in its original Russian, in the Cyrillic alfabet.

Beautiful Words, Beautiful Art is exactly what we are all about. Inspired by the most fascinating, timeless and beautiful pieces of literature we have made the timeless words into beautiful art. The concept is simple, the most poignant words in a particular text make up the art, compressing the essence of a literary piece into mind blowing artwork. Enjoy the classics right there on your wall! Our art posters are printed on extremely high quality, luxurious, paper, thick with 300 gr/sqm, acid free, environmentally friendly and recycled of course.

Poster size: 18”x24”


Beautiful Words Beautiful Art

Beautiful Words Beautiful Art is the world's greatets literature turned into artposters: Austen Shakespeare Twain Dante Kafka King Kames Bible and many more.

The posters feature words from famous literature focusing on the most fequent words in a particular text and with a colr palette adjusted to that piece of work's subject mattera dn tone of voice creating contemporary stylish cloud designs.


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