Daisy the cow lavender scented mini cushion

Product Description

Hello my name is Daisy, I smell of gorgeous lavender. You could place me in a drawer to make your undies smell nice (but I have to say I think I’m far too good looking for that) or I can be used be used as a pin cushion or maybe add me to your current scatter cushions for a touch of quirkyness.

Sara drew me by hand and then had me digitally printed onto cotton, using some lovely vintage fabric on my back (she likes to use recycled fabric, especially if it’s kitsch). Sara also told me to tell you that I am roughly 6″ square and that I was made entirely by hand in her little studio in Paris using a rather lovely vintage sewing machine.

sara norwood

Unique pet cushions and gifts handmade by Sara

I am a textile designer maker and illustrator who creates quirky unique limited edition cushions and gifts for dog lovers and animal lovers. 


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