Dandelion Stool


Product Description

“Pops of color for modern homes”

Combine the comfort of a yoga ball with the stability of a chair, and it’s easy to see why the Dandelion Stool is a design win-win. Inspired by the shape of everyone’s favorite “wishing flower,” this stool is ergonomically designed for unsurpassed comfort and is our go-to seating for video game marathons and those hour-long Skype sessions

individually hand crafted in England (no assembly required)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Byung / DesignK
Materials Hand made knit cushion cover, sponge pad, birch plywood
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 14 cm


"Hand crafted in England and inspired by traditions"
DesignK's objects are defined by the harmonious mixture between tradition and avant garde.
Our inspiration comes from the ordinary objects and the things we are used to see in our daily lives as well as from nature. 
We try to objectify those things for design lovers and anyone else looking for something that they want to curate for their own home. 


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