Dogs! Teatowel

Product Description

Lovely quirky tea towel, with fun drawings of different breeds of dogs.

Hanna Melin, a big lover of dogs, designed this tea towel.

The breeds includes among others Dalmatian, Schnauzer, Labrador, Komondor, Beagle, and Boston terrier.

This is an excellent gift for someone loving to cook and likes dogs. It brings a smile to your face, and who wouldn’t want that when it’s time to do the washing up!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Made in the UK
Materials 100% Cotton
Dimensions 1 x 17 x 17 cm
Hanna Melin

Hanna Melin

Hanna Melin was born in Sweden. She graduated from the Royal College of Art London 2004 after finishing an MA in Visual Communication.

Hanna now works and lives in East London as an illustrator and maker. She sells her "Banana man" badges and "Memories" prints in galleries and online shops throughout the world.

She enjoys doing little drawings that later becomes T-shirt or bedding designs mugs or wrapping paper.

The Guardian The NY Times Nokia Halifax Aviva PC World Louis Vuitton and Volkswagen are all clients from Hanna's editorial work.

A lot of Hanna's editorial commissions involve finding humor in day to day life. A very important element in life!


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