Dotty Bird Lampshade

Product Description

The Dotty Bird Lampshades have been screen printed in three available retail colours.

An additional bonus to this delightful two layered screen print is the machine embroidered cotton and glitter stitching over three of the printed blossoms, similar to the Dotty Bird Cushion and Embroidered Blossom Art Print. This creates extra depth and texture to the lampshade.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Laura Felicity
Materials 100% Linen & Fire Retardant PVC Lining
Dimensions 23 x 23 cm
Laura Felicity

Laura Felicity Design

Laura Felicity is a London based Designer-Maker whose hand drawn patterns and developed skills in Silk Screen Printing create her luxury Handmade Wallpapers and Soft Interior Homeware.

Expressing her love for surface design and interior furnishings Laura Felicity finds inspiration within the beauty and delicacy of patterns from a range of eclectic areas enabling her to design and create unique bespoke and retail ranges for the home.

The simple concept behind Laura's eye for design is the attraction to combine unique patterns with one another and involve these layers within each finished piece to create an atmosphere that feels gracefully soothing and fresh which also invites people to have a warm calming reflection towards each pattern.


Keeping this in mind Laura sets out to produce wallpapers and soft interior furnishings which are also Shabby Chic Inspired.  Her colour palette within the collection is based upon classic rustic looks with minimal colour.  This works hand in hand with the contrasting yet complimenting build up between individual pattern designs making each piece subtly intriguing on the eye.


Laura Felicity's retail range includes 6 meter rolls of wallpaper 70cmx100cm sized art prints hand embroidery finished cushions lampshades lavender bags screen printed cards as well as lace embedded plaster coasters.


Laura Felicity's product materials are all sourced within Britain.  Her collection is all hand drawn handmade and silk screen printed within the UK making sure the sense of a traditional hand crafted and tailored era of Britain is still represented and continued throughout her products.



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