Dreamcatcher Craft Kit

Dreamcatcher Craft Kit


Make your own super-pretty dreamcatchers with pastel coloured ribbons, cords, laces, feathers and beads.  

Available as a Little Kit (makes 1 dreamcatcher) or a Party Kit (makes 10x dreamcatchers).

Learn how to make the main hoop into a 'spiders web' and attach oodles of pretty ribbons, cords and laces.  Weave in some faceted heart beads, clip on the feathers, hang it up in your bedroom.

Box Size



We have devised our party boxes and kits to be as easy and parent-friendly as possible so you will not require any tools (apart from some normal household scissors) and you won’t require any technical/crafty knowledge either.

For a party of up to 10 guests, you would be looking at filling approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  If you have less guests then they can make one each and embellish even more with the extra ribbons and feathers, or the birthday girl has a box of leftover beads etc to make use of another time.

If you have more children attending and would like extra inclusions, please add on a Little Kit which will provide extra materials. If you have any queries, then please do get in touch and we can work out the best package for you.

Little Kit – box measures 10x10x2cm
Party Kit – box measures 20x20x5cm

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