Drip Necklace (Sterling SIlver)

Product Description

This piece has to be one of the most noticed and eye-catching pieces of Jewellery we now have within our Collection of Jewellery. It really is top Quality Jewellery.

It is absolutely amazing when worn as it really does give the impression of Drips of melted Silver falling from the neck. Each section at the top of the necklace is movable so when worn it can mould around one?s neck and look absolutely fabulous. I guarantee that this necklace will get eyes staring. This Necklace is also a very practical piece as is it is comfy and very easy to wear and looks great with any of the earrings we sell within this Collection Each Drip is of a different size and length and is of Solid Silver. The longest Drip from the top of the Necklace to the Bottom of the Drip is 9cm and the shortest is just 2cm. This beautiful piece of art can be worn on all neck sizes as there is a feeder chain at the back to adjust the length, plus at the base of the feeder chain is a small drip for maximum effect. (It also comes in a great box with the designer?s name on top.)


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