Drop Jigsaw Earrings (Sterling Silver)

Product Description

Superb Quality Sterling Silver Dangle Drop Jigsaw Earrings. Each jigsaw piece is separate from the next, so when you move, they move! And yet they are so easy to wear.

Stunning Silver Dangle Drop Jigsaw Earrings. A charming and quirky Design that we can all appreciate. Each earring has Six small Jigsaw Pieces each separate but interlinking with each other. The Earrings are very tactile and have a lot of movement. They are practical to wear and are extremely eye catching. Can be worn for all occasions, day or night. Each earring is manufactured by a Top silversmith and polished to a high standard. They drop to 50 mm in length. (Comes in a beautiful box with the designer?s name on top.)

LucyQ Designs

LucyQ Designs


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